Sen. Tim Scott Encourages Americans With His Belief in the ‘Power of Prayer’

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In an interview with CBN News, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott shared much about his faith and his thoughts of American unity which he discusses in his new book America, a Redemption Story. Scott shared empowering messages beginning with his own personal experiences and reliance on his faith. With a strong belief in God and the power of prayer, Scott inspires Americans to have hope for the future, adding that there is more that unites us than there is that divides us. 

Scott explained the meaning of ‘redemption’ and how it relates to both America and himself. He shared the encouraging statement that “the more we focus on what we have in common, the better off we are. But also, the more we recognize that typically pain comes before opportunity and that failure precedes success, the more we are to understand the journey that we’re likely to experience that will confront us in the future.” Scott humbly shares his own experience with failure and success which makes him not just relatable but a role model for everyone who may be struggling but still determined to work hard and move forward.


Scott’s strong faith is a driving force behind his personal and outward encouragement. “I find myself living off of the prayer fumes of my grandmother, and the prayer seeds of my mom, so I’m so thankful that I come from a family that understands the power of prayer,” Scott told CBN News, adding that “it’s such a truth that you’re going to be confronted with situations that are beyond your ability to process everything, but with prayer you find this calm, consistent presence that the Lord is with you.” 

Scott’s firm belief in a united America sends a powerful message that breaks through the trending negative narrative of many media outlets. Sharing the meaning and role faith has in his own personal life, Scott is inspiring Americans to pray for our country and have hope for the future. As far as his own future, Scott explained that he will do what the Lord calls him to do and he is filled with gratitude for what he has accomplished thus far and what will come. 


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