Senator Tim Scott to Visit Southern Border

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) will visit the southern border on Friday as worsening conditions under the Biden administration has led to an all-out crisis. According to The Hill, Scott will be in Yuma, Arizona on Friday and will also hold a roundtable discussion with local leaders on how to handle illegal immigration and the threat of cartels. 

Securing America’s borders is a top priority on the 2024 GOP presidential candidate’s list of issues he would tackle if he were to assume office. Scott said in a statement according to The Hill, “If you don’t control your back door at your house, it’s not your house. If you don’t control your southern border, it might not be our country. That’s why on my first day as Commander-in-Chief, the strongest nation on Earth will stop retreating from our own southern border.”


The border crisis is raising concerns across America as migrants continue spreading across the country and sanctuary cities are reportedly reaching their breaking points. The Washington Post reported that in July of this year alone, more than 130,000 arrests were made at the southern border, 30,000 more than the month prior. 

As the primary election draws near, GOP presidential candidates are recognizing the seriousness and urgency of the border crisis that is affecting Americans far beyond the border line in addition to those living right on it. With the Biden administration’s ignorance of the crisis at the border that is affecting American families, GOP candidates are not only taking the opportunity to see how to help these families, but also to show Americans that they will respond to any threats to their security.


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