‘Send Relief’ Organizes 32 Charity Projects in Mississippi, Sends Aid to Ukrainian Refugees

Credit: Send Relief

Southern Baptist relief organization, Send Relief, has organized 32 charity events in Mississippi while maintaining efforts to help Ukrainian refugees, according to The Christian Post. A collaboration between the International Mission Board and North American Mission Board, Send Relief is making a difference in communities both local and around the world that need humanitarian assistance. “Responding to natural disasters, caring for refugees and displaced families, fighting human trafficking at home and abroad, supporting adoption and foster care efforts and strengthening communities facing economic and physical crises,” Send Relief takes on every project to “share the love of Jesus.”

Recently, they organized a free dental clinic hosted by Central Baptist Church of Meridian which helped about 175 people receive dental care including fillings and extractions. The clinic was made possible with local volunteers and the Mississippi Department of Oral Health. In an interview with The Christian Post, John Maxey of the Lauderdale Baptist Association to which Central Baptist belongs, shared that this was just one stop of seven that Send Relief made in their area. Send Relief’s “service tour” also included “landscaping at local schools, delivering meals to nurses who work the night shift, building beds for children in need and constructing huts for the homeless.” 


In addition to their local work, Send Relief has been sending humanitarian aid to Poland to assist them in receiving Ukrainian refugees after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to Jason Cox, the vice president of Send Relief’s International Ministry who went to the Ukraine-Poland border, Send Relief is working with churches in Poland that are making every effort possible to accommodate refugees safely and efficiently. In an article from Send Relief, Cox shared, “I’ve never seen anything like it. The sanctuary that sat a couple hundred people had no furniture left in it. Cots were lining every square inch of available space. Washing machines were moved in and constantly running laundry, and volunteers were cooking hot meals the entire day. They made sure to cook incredibly good food and extend joyous hospitality—not just keeping people alive but letting them know they are wanted and welcomed in Poland.”

Send Relief’s efforts to provide assistance to those in need are endless. From organizing aid within local communities, to extending their work around the world, Send Relief is committed to changing lives by meeting the needs of vulnerable people. Centering around faith, Send Relief is not only helping people recover from crises, but giving them hope through their compassionate work and dedication.  


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