Shaquille O’Neal Gives Away Thousands of Gifts to Underprivileged Children

Credit: Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for OREO Chocolate Candy Bar

Shaquille O’Neal has generously donated 1,000 PS5, 1,000 Nintendo Switch consoles, and bicycles to underprivileged children, according to Spieltimes. His donations surely brightened the Christmas of many kids who likely were wishing for such a gift.

O’Neal (also known as Shaq), shared that his upbringing raised him to give back to the community. He explained, “My father was a drill sergeant, my mother just was a hard-working woman. They had little, but they taught me the value of giving back. They taught me the value of helping those in need. I called you to know, my friend from Nintendo Switch and ordered about 1000 Switches and 1000 PS5s. I went to Walmart and got bikes. So, you know yesterday, at this little elementary school in McDonough Georgia, kids were crying, kids were happy. And that’s what it’s all about.”


Philanthropy is not out of character for Shaq who is known to have donated to those in need. The children who received the gifts from Shaq were surely overjoyed and grateful. As a former professional basketball player, many kids know Shaq and likely look up to him as a role model. Learning about his generosity will make him an even bigger star in the lives of these children who not only look up to him for his expertise and talent but will admire him for his generosity and compassion as well.

Spieltimes highlighted some of Shaq’s incredible achievements noting, “his basketball career aside, O’Neal has released four rap albums, with his first, Shaq Diesel, going platinum. He is also an electronic music producer and touring DJ with the alias, DIESEL. Apart from that, he has appeared in numerous films as well and has starred in his own reality shows, including Shaq’s Big Challenge and The Big Podcast with Shaq. He is also the general manager of Kings Guard Gaming of the NBA 2K League.” Shaq’s achievements are inspirational to children, and knowing that he is a great person inside as well can give them even more motivation to achieve their dreams as having faith in their role models brings great encouragement.


There is no better gift than one that comes from the heart. While Shaq brought entertainment to children, the greatest gift was the smiles it put on their faces and the warmth that filled their hearts. Generosity brings out the best of people, and being able to make any kind of positive difference in the lives of children makes an impact that is guaranteed to have ripple effects as it lifts their spirits, makes them feel thought of and loved, and gives them hope.

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