Sight & Sound Theatres Announces New Original Production ‘Daniel’ Coming Soon

Credit: Sight & Sound Theaters - Lancaster, PA/Facebook

The faith-based theater Sight & Sound has announced their newest original production coming in March 2024 to their location in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. According to CBN News, the production ‘Daniel’ will tell the story of the Old Testament servant Daniel and friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were exiled to Babylon where they faced “royal pressures and dangerous choices.” The production will fill audiences with hope as they watch Daniel and his friends put their trust in God amid difficult trials. 

Kristen Brewer, the show’s producer, shared that they hope audiences will not just be filled with hope, but be inspired by Daniel’s story. She noted that Daniel did not intend to be “influential,” but just “walked faithfully through life” and put his trust in God as he went through trials. Brewer explained that Daniel’s story shows how “the Lord placed him in circumstances where God’s light would shine through him.” 


Featuring original music, impressive sets, and astounding special effects, ‘Daniel’ is expected to captivate audiences just as much as Sight & Sound’s previous productions. Brewer shared that the production will feature the lion’s den and the fiery furnace along with visions and dreams. 

Sight & Sound’s awe-inspiring productions have been fascinating audiences for decades as they bring the stories of the Bible to life on stage. Just as with ‘David,’ ‘Moses,’ and ‘Jesus,’ the production of ‘Daniel’ will share an uplifting message that is sure to strengthen audience members’ faith and their relationship with God.


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