Sight & Sound’s ‘David’ Will Live Stream to Audiences Around the World

Credit: Sight & Sound Theatres - Lancaster, PA

Sight & Sound Theatre’s production of “David” will be viewable by audiences around the world during a special event in which it will be broadcasted live on Sight & Sound’s new streaming platform in September, according to The Christian Post. The streaming service, which was launched in response to COVID-19 shutdowns, was created to bring the experience of live theater right into people’s homes. Sight & Sound’s director of marketing & communications, Katie Miller, shared that for nearly fifty years people all over the world have had to make their way to Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see these incredible performances that bring the Bible to life, but now the experiences can be brought to them wherever they are in the world, reaching an even wider audience. 

According to The Christian Post, “DAVID-Live” will take audiences inside the biblical account of a young boy named David who killed a Philistine giant and later became the king of Israel. According to the production’s synopsis, “David is portrayed as a ‘master poet, fearless warrior, anointed king, from still waters to shadowed valleys. David’s ascent to the throne is filled with towering giants, wild animals and Philistine soldiers. After unprecedented victories lead to devastating failures, this passionate warrior will face the biggest battle of all: the one within himself.’”


Producer Ryan Miller shared with The Christian Post during their visit to the theater that he was particularly inspired by David’s life saying that David “definitely had a different way of relating to the Lord that I haven’t even really seen modeled and I know I don’t have.” The production was developed with the intent to focus on David’s “heart to seek the Lord,” and is filled with “all the fun, action-adventure, and big spectacular moments that people are also expecting” from the performance. 

Allowing a greater audience to be a part of the story of “David” is especially important as it is a biblical story that is filled with inspiration and encouragement. There are many people who may need to hear David’s story right now, and live-streaming it will bring his story to life and possibly make a difference in the lives of those who see it. Though they may be in different places all over the world, sharing the experience among others who are watching the story unfold at the same time brings people together, uniting them in hope and faith. 


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