Singer Tauren Wells Describes How Faith Keeps Him Grounded

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Christian singer Tauren Wells shared how his love for going to church connects with his passion for music and how his mission as an artist is to bring people to Christ. According to Faithwire, Wells wants to remind Christians of the powerful messages in the Bible that can help them get through their struggles and suffering. In his new album, “Joy in the Morning,” Wells spreads the message that “now is not forever” through his songs, reminding listeners of the power of prayer and faith. 

Wells revealed that he has loved the church experience since his childhood which led him to want to learn more about Jesus. Now as an adult, he is channeling the love he found in his childhood into his work and mission to spread that love to inspire others. In his interview, Wells referred to Psalm 3:5 (NIV), which says “Weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Finding this message as one that gives hope, Wells represents it in his new album. 


According to Faithwire, Wells said that “clinging to Christ has been essential as his career has grown.” He added that it is important to “do the work on the inside” to manage the pressures and expectations that come with the entertainment industry. Wells shared that so many people expect those with a microphone to speak their opinions on everything, but wisely reminded them that celebrities’ words “carry a lot of weight,” and if anyone is to speak out to make sure they are “well-schooled on the issues” and approach their words “with great care.” 

A beacon of light, Wells is inspiring people to grow in their faith and find their love of Christ through his music. His messages of hope and faith are strong reminders of the power of prayer and the blessings that God gives. Sharing his own experiences, Wells is not just inspiring others, but encouraging them to find meaning in their lives and know that each step of the way they are not alone. 


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