Single Mom Praises Pro-Life Group for Saving Her Son

Credit: Embrace Grace

The Texas-based pro-life organization Embrace Grace has been helping women facing unplanned pregnancies choose life, and love, through their outreach. Distributing what they call ‘Love Boxes,’ Embrace Grace is providing expectant mothers with the comfort and encouragement they need to desert any plans they may have for an abortion. According to The Christian Post, one expectant mother, Maddie Martinez, shared that she experienced an incredible change of heart after receiving a Love Box which helped her abandon her plans to have an abortion and choose life for her baby. 

Martinez, who was ready to move up in her career, scheduled an abortion upon learning she was pregnant and single. However, her plans changed after her sister pleaded with her to choose life with the help of Embrace Grace. Martinez now works as the group coordinator for the Hurst, Texas-based pro-life ministry, helping women facing unplanned pregnancies choose life feeling confident and loved.


Embrace Grace explains on their website details of how each Love Box has the power to save lives. They write, “a Love Box is gifted to single young women who may be considering abortion. Each box has a personal invitation to a church-hosted support group, stories from both a parenting mom and birth mom, a letter of hope, a journal with writing prompts encouraging her to be fearless, a ‘Best Gift Ever’ onesie and ‘A Bump in Life’ book that includes testimonies that offer single and pregnant moms hope.”

According to The Christian Post, Embrace Grace made such an impression on Martinez that not only does she work for the organization, she also started Embrace Life, a ministry that supports single parents, at her church. Martinez shared the praise she has for Embrace Grace for saving her son’s life, and praises her son for saving her. Now devoting her life to helping expectant mothers and single parents, Martinez is sharing her story, encouraging more people to choose life and love knowing they are supported by faith along with others who may have similar experiences. 


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