Small Business Owners Fear Failure Amid Biden’s Worsening Economy

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The concerns of America’s small business owners have grown since Biden’s preposterous claim that the economy is “strong.” According to a poll obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, 6 out of 10 business owners fear that Biden’s economy may force them to close their doors. The poll commissioned by the Job Creators Network Foundation in April found that small business owners lack confidence in Biden’s economy, and bank failures have added to the worries that come with an unstable economy. 

Surveying 400 small business owners across America, the poll found that “fifty-nine percent of respondents said they’re ‘concerned’ that economic conditions under Biden could force them to close their businesses, while 70 percent said they expect the nation’s small business climate to remain the same or get worse. Another 59 percent of respondents, meanwhile, expressed concern that ‘bank failures and instability will impact their small business.'”


Despite President Biden claiming that his policies have strengthened the American economy, small business owners do not agree. Not only are these business owners not buying what Biden is saying because of their own experiences, they are also convinced the economy is in trouble based on the record high inflation plaguing the country as well. Under Biden, food and gas prices have reached record highs while many Americans cannot keep up with the increases that are hampering their wallets. 

Still, small business owners believe there is hope for recovery if certain policies and actions are considered. The Free Beacon reports that “eighty-one percent of respondents, for example, said the Biden administration should balance the federal budget ‘to rein in spending and reduce inflation.’ Eighty-five percent, meanwhile, expressed support for policies that would spur ‘domestic energy production to increase supply and lower prices.’”


Although hopeful that their small businesses will remain intact, small business owners are not seeing much promise from the Biden administration which appears to either be ignoring their plight or blinded by their “fairytale” promises.

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