‘Sound of Freedom’ Producer to Run For President of Mexico

Credit: shutterstock

‘Sound of Freedom’ producer, Eduardo Verástegui, has announced his intention to run for president of Mexico. According to CBN News, Verástegui officially registered with the National Electoral Institute (INE) of Mexico to run as an independent candidate in 2024.

In a social media post, Verástegui shared that the decision to run for president of Mexico was the most important in his life. He wrote, “My fight is for life. My fight is for freedom. It is time to remove the ‘same as always’ from power. Our country needs a new way of doing politics, to eradicate corruption and impunity. We are on time! Let’s go with everything, for our Mexico! #JuntosSomosMasFuertes #VivaMexico.”


Verástegui’s campaign slogan will be “God, Fatherland, and Family.” First on his mind is ending child exploitation, reflecting the subject-line of his movie ‘Sound of Freedom.’ Verástegui told Newsweek that the hit film was a major inspiration for him to enter politics and he chose to run to lead the country as president to help put an end to child trafficking.

“According to Mexican electoral regulations, he must gather, within 120 days, a number of signatures equivalent to 1% of the list of registered voters in the country distributed over at least 17 states ‘with an equal percentage in each of them.’ This is equivalent to approximately 1 million signatures, The Catholic News Agency reported.”


Verástegui has been active in trying to improve Mexico for all. He is the founder of the Viva México Movement, which is committed to “uniting and enhancing the efforts of civil society, and working for a renewed Mexico.” His goal is to encourage all of the people of Mexico to “dream big.” Verástegui said, “I do dream of a Mexico that allows God to be the center of our nation. I do dream of the day in which no person has to leave the country out of necessity for lack of opportunities. I do dream that one day everyone will be safe in Mexico, where parents do not fear for the lives of their children.”

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