‘Souper Bowl of Caring’ Will Launch Campaigns for Food Charities Ahead of Super Bowl

Credit: Souper Bowl of Caring

With the Super Bowl approaching, communities across the country are once again using the opportunity to raise money for food charities as part of Tackle Hunger’s ‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring campaign. A movement that has existed for over 30 years, ‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring has created more than $170 million worth of local support. Churches, schools, civic groups, and compassionate individuals organize their own communities to give to local food banks through their own campaigns supported by the team at Tackle Hunger. 

Groups from Texas all the way to Maine are hosting fundraisers for ‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring. Information about how one can participate can be found on Tackle Hunger’s website. First, participants choose a local charity to support, and Tackle Hunger provides a map of food charities around the country identified by their level of need. Next, participants determine how they will run their campaign. Some may choose to host an in-person food drive, collect cash donations, or both. Tackle Hunger even offers an opportunity to run a virtual campaign. Each participant must register their campaign with Tackle Hunger, which will make them officially a part of the team of ‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring. Support is always available for participants should they need to reach out to the team. Tackle Hunger even provides posters, social media templates, coloring pages, and more resources for free use. Lastly, participants donate their collection directly to the charity they selected. Tackle Hunger celebrates with each participant and asks them to share their stories including any pictures, how many cans, pounds of food, or dollars were donated. 


‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring provides an excellent opportunity for youth to engage in community service on a leadership level. High school youth can join the team as a ‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring Youth Advisory Board member where they share their ideas to strengthen the program and connect with other members who are also dedicated to helping their communities around the country. Part of the responsibilities of being a board member include “raising awareness of the urgent and growing needs of hunger-related issues in their local communities.” Those who become leaders make a serious commitment to their work by attending virtual monthly meetings, executing events during the campaign, and dedicating at least ten hours a month to the mission. 

Through ‘Souper’ Bowl of Caring, participants are not only changing the lives of those in need throughout their communities, but they are changing their own lives as well. Tackle Hunger hopes that participants in the program will become “future philanthropists” dedicated to helping others and actively engaging their communities in giving back. This leadership experience also provides a valuable learning experience where participants are guided through the process of running a successful charitable campaign. During a time when so many sports fans are paying close attention to the Super Bowl game, their attention may now also be diverted to a great cause in which they can give back to their communities. 


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