Starbucks Barista Prays With Customer at Drive-Thru

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One Starbucks barista is giving her customers hope and love by praying for them. According to Christian Headlines, Cassie was seen praying for a customer at the drive-thru, and Tanya Hinsley, who was with her son, captured the heartwarming moment in a photograph and posted it to social media. The post received hundreds of positive responses as people praised Cassie for spreading God’s love through compassion and prayer. 

On her social media post, Hinsley wrote, I saw “this lady at Starbucks hilltop PRAY with a woman in the drive through (sic) this morning because she needed it. Now this is worth talking about y’all.” 


In an interview with Fox 10 Phoenix, Hinsley shared, “My son and I were having a discussion about how we loved that she stopped what she is doing and was bold in her faith and cared enough to pray with someone. This is when I decided to snap a picture but caught the very end of the prayer and decided to share this positive moment in hopes of brightening someone’s day. I was overwhelmed by the end of the day when I seen (sic) how many times the post had been shared, and we loved reading the stories of all of the other people she (Carrie) has blessed just by being so kind, praying for others, and simply being a light for Jesus!” 

Hinsley also discussed how witnessing this moment has given her hope and is a reminder of how far an act of kindness can go in making a difference for someone. Although we may not know what everyone is going through or if they are struggling, kindness always brings positivity to those who receive it. Putting a smile on someone’s face by saying or doing something kind fills hearts with love, and that is a gift that only takes a moment in time. 



Praying for others is an uplifting act that brings people closer to God and reminds them of His love. Stopping for just a moment to say a prayer with someone, like Carrie does, can change lives and touch the hearts of those who need to feel or be reminded of the strength of faith. Hinsley was able to meet Carrie after the viral social media post, who shared that she was “blown away” by the kind responses she received for her act of kindness. 

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