Steve Harvey Encourages Audience to Find God-Given Gift

Credit: Shutterstock

Comedian and host of Family Feud, Steve Harvey, shared a powerful message with his audience about the God-given gift each one of us has been blessed with since birth, according to Christian Headlines. In his monologue about faith, Harvey explained the difference between a ‘talent’ and a ‘gift’ noting that people need to stop focusing on their talents and find their gift instead. Harvey suggests that the key to success is identifying one’s gift and embracing it.

Harvey gave examples of gifts people have including the gift of teaching, networking, hairstyling, painting, cooking, writing, fixing cars, working with one’s hands or being a caregiver. He shared the story of his childhood friend nicknamed ‘Clippers’ who cut grass charging $2 for the front lawn and $2 for the back. Harvey told his audience that cutting grass was his friend’s gift, which he did with a push lawn mower. Today, he added, ‘Clippers’ now owns a multi-million dollar landscaping business. 


Though the monologue was delivered to the Family Feud audience during a break in filming and not aired on television, it was posted to his official YouTube channel which has 1.5 million subscribers and is where he often posts faith-filled messages. Harvey, who frequently references his faith, also shared in another monologue that the Bible is “essential” and “changed his life.” Noting that many people read “self-help” books, Harvey told his audience that the principles of those books are grounded in the Bible and not to be “fooled” by anybody. 

Harvey not only brings his audiences much laughter, he also motivates them and encourages them through his faith. By sharing his Christian values, Harvey gives hope to his audience by inspiring them to find their gift and having faith in God. Though his motivational monologues sometimes contain adult language, Harvey’s faith-filled messages inspire his audience who admires him not just for his humor, but also for his strong principles. 


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