Storm Chaser Rescues Family From Rubble After Mississippi Tornadoes

Credit: shutterstock

Storm chaser Jonny Gabel emerged as a hero in the wake of the deadly tornadoes that devastated Mississippi. According to CBN News, after initially chasing the storm, Gabel helped pull a family out of rubble in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, and his kindness did not end there. Gabel is now helping the family rebuild their home that was destroyed by the storms.  

In a GoFundMe he started for the family, Gabel said that their home was “completely destroyed.” He added that “100% of the funds will be used to help them or help other victims affected by tornados. The funds will be used to build them a new house (if insurance doesn’t cover it, or if there’s some sort of financial obstacle) or the funds will be used to get them into a new home as soon as possible.”


The violent tornado ripped across Mississippi, causing at least 26 deaths and a long path of devastation. According to AccuWeather, houses and businesses were demolished, vehicles were tossed in the air, and trees were uprooted.

Gabel shared that he was “stunned” that the family was still alive upon discovering them in the rubble. None of the family members rescued by Gabel were severely injured. 


“Thank God you all survived. This is kind of a miracle,” Gabel said to them. 

With Gabel’s continued support of the family, and the use of the GoFundMe fundraiser, he is ready to help them rebuild their home, even with his own hands.

Gabel explained how he and others began rescuing those calling out for help. One elderly woman was discovered in her bed surrounded by the destruction and missing her roof and a wall. 

As Mississippi rebuilds, the humanitarian aid that is pouring in is making a difference in so many people’s lives who were affected by the violent storm. The good Samaritans who are helping those in need have also given them hope and faith looking forward.

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