Student Volunteers Partner with Nonprofit Building Beds for Children in Need

Credit: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Community volunteers are working hard to build beds for children in need through the charity Sleep in Heavenly Peace in an effort to make sure all children have a comfortable place to sleep. According to Englewood Sun, students from the Lemon Bay High School Key Club and other clubs in the surrounding community joined Sleep in Heavenly Peace making wooden headboards and footboards for the beds that will be given to foster children. Working together, the students met their goal of making twenty beds in just one day. 

Recognizing that there were children sleeping on couches, blankets, and floors, the founders of Sleep in Heavenly Peace knew that this difficult sleep situation was negatively impacting the health and happiness of the children. The work of Sleep in Heavenly Peace began in 2012 when the charity built one bed for one family at Christmas time. With wood leftover, they thought they could build and gift another. Through one simple Facebook post, an overwhelming number of people were eager to volunteer with the project. Since then, Sleep in Heavenly Peace has grown steadily over the years, with a reach nationwide, and now even in Canada. Their goal is that no kid will sleep on the floor, and if a child needs a bed, they make sure they get one. 


The process of making the beds includes cutting, drilling, sanding down plywood, and assembling and staining the wooden frames. They host special events such as Bunks Across America Day which will be held in September of this year. Their goal of this event is to build more than 7,500 beds with up to 15,000 volunteers. Sponsors for the event include Lowes, Ashley Homestore, and Hope to Dream. Volunteers can also join The Bunkhead Club which has helped nearly 100,000 kids receive a new twin bed. Other programs include Move4Beds, a fundraising marathon, and a separate disaster relief fund. 

Through working with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, volunteers are not only providing a comfortable place for children to sleep, but are surrounding them with love and care. While a good night’s sleep is crucial for improved health, happiness, and success, being thought of and cared about fuels emotional development, which is arguably just as important. Children who have received the blessing of one of these special, hand-made beds have expressed overwhelming gratitude and have one less burden in their lives. Most significantly, the beds made through Sleep in Heavenly Peace bring hope, optimism, and positivity to those who need it most. 


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