Students Create Hand-Made Bibles to Send to Ukrainian Refugees

Credit: Faith Christian School, Roseto, PA

Students at Faith Christian School worked hard creating hand-made Bibles for Ukrainian refugees, according to The Morning Call. The school’s K-12 students worked together as a team to create the Bibles as one group of students made 25,000 Bible covers, another group filled them with Ukrainian versions of the Gospel of John and Paul’s Letter to the Romans, and another group bound them with table-mounted staplers. The Bibles were then trimmed and sealed in boxes with 330 in each box, and shipped to Poland, Romania, and Hungary where Ukrainians have found refuge. 

Fourth grader Ella shared that she feels it is a “good thing for the people of Ukraine to to know God because then they can trust somebody.” Kathy Kusiak explained that her students are aware of what has been going on in Ukraine and they are enthusiastic to “share God’s word.” Though the purpose is serious, students have fun creating the Bibles and working together to make each one an exceptional final product. 


According to The Morning Call, since 2008, Faith Christian has been partnered with Bearing Precious Seed, an Ohio-based Scripture publishing ministry, assembling the Bibles to send around the world. At this time, they have sent more than 319,000 Bibles to Mexico, Sierra Leone, France, Croatia, Hungary, Ghana, Ivory Coast and other nations with each Bible written in their native language. 

The students at Faith Christian School understand their goal and purpose, sending their hand-made Bibles around the world to those who need to know God’s Word. While the Bibles are filled with Scripture, they are also filled with love as they are made by caring children who have taken the time to carefully assemble them piece by piece. As fourth grader Faith said, giving out these Bibles to people around the world “brings them to the Lord,” and without the Bibles, they may not have a chance. 


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