Supreme Court Justices Not Questioned in Investigation of ‘Dobbs v. Jackson’ Opinion Leak

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The investigation into who leaked the Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has concluded without identifying the source of the leak. According to Breitbart, after interviewing nearly 100 employees, including 82 who had access to the opinion, and following up on social media claims, investigators failed to identify the leaker. The investigation did not include any questioning of the Supreme Court Justices themselves.

The decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization put the issue of abortion back into the hands of the states, overturning the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade which determined that abortion was a “constitutional right,” legalizing it across the United States. The leak of the Supreme Court opinion to Politico was an enormous breach of protocol and led to a wave of protests, violence towards pro-life facilities, and serious threats to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


According to Breitbart, “the investigation by the marshal of the Supreme Court included a forensic investigation of laptops and phones but found ‘no relevant information from these devices.’ The marshal’s office determined that 82 employees had access to the opinion and interviewed 97 employees, all of whom denied leaking the opinion…In addition, the marshal investigated connections between employees and contacts in the media, with a particular focus on Politico. They also followed up on social media claims of who might have leaked the decision, but ‘investigators found nothing to substantiate any of the social media allegations.’”

In a statement released by the Supreme Court, they defended the “integrity of judicial proceedings” noting that they “depend on the inviolability of internal deliberations.” It is for this reason, they stated, that “the Court immediately and unanimously agreed that the extraordinary betrayal of trust that took place last May warranted a thorough investigation.” 


Still, in the end, despite the thorough investigation, the case has concluded without identifying the source of the leak.

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