Survey Reveals Most Americans Believe Moral Lessons of Easter, Passover ‘Important’ to America’s Future

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In a study concerning the importance of the moral lessons of Easter and Passover in ensuring the future of a strong America, results showed that more than two-thirds of likely voters agree that these holidays are important, according to The Christian Post. A nationwide survey conducted by the Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group, revealed the specific statistics of the study that provide insight into the demographics of participants. With the celebration of Easter Sunday and Passover, Americans across the nation are embracing the special lessons these holidays teach. 

The survey was conducted between April 5 to April 8, with respondents made up of 1,079 likely voters in the general election. The margin of error of the survey was 2.99% with a confidence level of 95%. The Christian Post reports that, “according to the survey, 72.6% of respondents said they believe the ‘moral lessons found in the holidays of Easter and Passover’ are either ‘somewhat important’ or ‘very important’ to guaranteeing a strong U.S. in the future. In total, 52.6% of respondents said the moral lessons were ‘very important,’ while 20% said they were ‘somewhat important.’ Another 11% said they were ‘not very important’ and 16.4% said they were ‘not important at all.’”


The Trafalgar Group also collected specific demographic data that revealed political differences reflected in the results with 66.6% of Republicans saying that the moral lessons of Easter and Passover were ‘very important,’ compared to that of just 35.9% of Democrats. Regarding the response of ‘not important at all’ were 8.7% of Republican respondents and 27.8% of Democrat respondents.

The president of the Convention of States Action, Mark Meckler, shared that the results of this survey suggest that, contrary to popular belief, most Americans value faith and want those moral lessons to remain strong in the education of future generations. According to The Christian Post, Meckler stated, “parents want our children to be taught to know and respect God, value freedom, observe the golden rule, and to achieve a good and great society through hard work and sacrifice.” The data gathered by this study is encouraging to Americans who may have feared a decline in morality, but now have this survey that shows America may be more embracing of faith than they previously thought. 


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