Survey Reveals Most Americans Believe National Calls For Prayer Are Effective

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A recent survey by revealed that most Americans believe that public calls for prayer after a national tragedy are “helpful,” according to Decision Magazine. The survey was conducted following the national call for prayer for Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin who collapsed on the field after suffering a cardiac arrest. As members of the NFL prayed publicly, including on national television broadcasts, the action appears to have resonated with many Americans. 

“The survey was taken Jan. 19-23, less than three weeks later. It polled 1,000 likely general election voters across the country, including Democrat and Republican.” The results showed that over 67% of voters believe national call to prayer after a tragedy is effective, over 19% believe the prayers are pointless, and 13% of voters say they do not know. Across party lines, 73% of Repulicans voted in favor of the effectiveness of prayer as well as over 65% of Democrats, and over 62% of Indpendents. 


Dr. Jeff Myers, president of, shared that the poll results show that the nation’s united prayer effort has brought Americans together across party lines. Myers did point out that the survey revealed that “young Americans seem more cynical about prayer, with a higher percentage than other age groups saying such calls to prayer are pointless,” but noted that as more and more young athletes express their faith, it may open the younger generation to embrace faith and prayer. 

National calls to prayer are not new to the country. Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse, has called on Americans to turn to God as he truly believes in the power of prayer. However, now with Hamlin’s miraculous recovery and the public expression of faith by professional football players, maybe more people will rekindle or seek a relationship with God. 


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