Survey Shows More Americans Turn to Prayer Despite Decline in Church Attendance

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A survey from the Radiant Foundation reveals that a majority of Americans still pray despite a decline in church attendance since the pandemic. According to CBN News, of those surveyed who said they pray, an incredible 87 percent said that God answered their prayers. With more Americans putting their faith in God, and many reporting answered prayers, those polled could make a much needed positive impact on society, influencing others to put their faith in God as well. 

The survey, which was released on May 4, the National Day of Prayer, polled more than 1,700 Americans. The results of the survey showed that 61 percent of those polled turn to God in prayer, and pray for an average of 18 minutes daily. As far as when they pray, slightly more said they pray at night than they do in the morning. Regarding where they pray, more participants said they pray in their car than they do in a place of worship.


The reasons for prayer vary. Seventy percent of respondents said they pray to connect with God. Just under half of the participants shared that they pray to feel less anxious or depressed, to find solutions to their problems, to feel in control, and to heal from trauma. Thirty-one percent of respondents said that they prayed due to a request on social media. 

Prayer has helped Americans improve their well-being with 42 percent saying that they feel a sense of calm when they pray. Others largely shared that they feel grateful, connected, and humbled. 


John Dye, executive director of Skylight, a Radiant Foundation website, explained that the results “make it clear that there is more praying taking place than people expect,” adding that “people are praying in a variety of ways and in unexpected places throughout the day. He noted that people are “exploring their spiritual side” and “using prayer” to work through life’s toughest moments and find meaning in their lives.

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