‘Survivor’ Winner Donates Million Dollar Prize to Veterans

Credit: shutterstock

The winner of Season 43 of Survivor, Mike Gabler, donated his $1 million prize to veterans who are battling PTSD. According to People, Gabler, who does not come from money, told show host Jeff Probst that he believes veterans need the money more than he does. His generous gesture reminded everyone of the sacrifices our veterans make, and giving back to them is an act of kindness that goes a long way. 

Gabler donated the million dollar prize in his father’s name, Robert Gabler, who was a Green Beret. Gabler shared that “we’re going to save lives and do something good,” referring to the help that his donation will give to veterans in need. 


According to People, “ahead of his big reveal, Gabler could not praise the Survivor enough, sharing what an impact it had on him and the rest of the contestants. “We all have the chance of a lifetime out here, the adventure of a lifetime,” adding that “what we all learned from each other is priceless. It all made us better.”

Gabler, who is the second oldest winner of Survivor at age 52, shared that because of his family, friends, and home life, he is already a rich man. Referencing the hardships veterans face and how grateful he is to be able to help them, Gabler praised his castmates saying “we did this guys.” Gabler’s generosity sets an example for others to give back to America’s heroes who make it possible for us to live in freedom. 


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