Tar Heels’ Coach Describes Role as ‘Missionary Work’ Highlighting Faith and Prayer

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Hubert Davis, the head coach of NCAA semifinalist North Carolina Tar Heels, shared that his job coaching the team feels more like “missionary work” and prays for his players, all of whom he genuinely cares about and appreciates, according to Christian Headlines. Davis, who played for the Tar Heels from 1988-1992 under Coach Dean Smith, is now in his first season as head coach himself of the Tar Heels. Mentioning his Christian faith in a press conference, Davis revealed the important role of faith and prayer in guiding his team.

According to Christian Headlines, Davis explained in a press conference, “one of the things that I do is I pray all of the time that Jesus would put good people in my kids’ life, like Coach Smith, Coach Guthridge and Coach Williams […] People that genuinely care for you, that there’s no hidden agenda, they’re genuinely on your side.” Sports Spectrum reports that Davis shared that he comes from “a place of humbleness and thankfulness and appreciation to be a part of [his players’] lives.” 


For Davis, being able to help his team is a special aspect of his job as head coach. However, he does not feel “any personal validation,” but shares that it is about “giving back to each one of those players everything that Coach [Dean] Smith and Coach [Bill] Guthridge gave to [him] while [he] was [playing] at North Carolina and everything that Coach Williams gave to all the players the last 18 years he was head coach.” 

In a world where so much influences youth, Davis is not only praying that his players are surrounded by good people, but is serving as one of those good people himself. Davis is setting an example for his players of living a life of faith, humbleness, and principle where the most important thing is not one’s own success, but working together and achieving goals through hard work and dedication.


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