Teenage Hero Uses Hockey Stick to Save Boys Who Fell Through a Frozen Lake

Credit: Shutterstock

A courageous teenage hero saved two boys who fell through an icy lake on Sunday in Yardley, Pennsylvania, according to FaithPot. Relying on just his faith and his hockey stick, sixteen year old Cory Hemberger didn’t give up saving the boys even as the ice began to crack beneath him as he pulled them out of the water.

Walking home from a day of playing ice hockey on the frozen pond, Cory and his friend Shawn Miller heard screams when a thirteen year old boy fell into the icy lake. His friend tried to help the boy but fell into the water himself. Acting quickly, Cory immediately reached out with his hockey stick to save both boys. With the ice cracking below him, he pulled the boys out to safety. In an interview with ABC 6, Cory shared that with his adrenaline rushing and his heart pumping, he “just went for it” and hoped God was with him. Cory’s father, who was close by in his truck, ran out after the boys while calling 911 on the way. Though the boys were shivering when they got out, they did not seek medical attention. 


A humble and modest young adult, Cory did not even tell his mother about his act of heroism who found out about it from a Facebook post made by the mother of one of the boys who were saved. With the post titled, “Not all heroes wear capes, some play ice hockey,” Cory’s mother, Lisa, read the story and soon found out about her son’s heroic act. The mother of the boy who was helped offered to buy something for Cory, but he refused the offer saying that he didn’t need anything because if he was in the situation, he would want help too. 

True heroes were in action that day when both boys rushed to the scene where they heard screams for help coming from the frigid, icy water. It all came down to Cory’s courage reaching out onto an icy lake even after it was beginning to crack further after his friend fell in. Not hesitating, this young hero, who could have easily fallen through the ice himself, risked his own life to save others. This true act of heroism is a heartwarming story that reminds us that everyday heroes are always out there ready to help in any given moment.


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