Teenager Comforts NICU Babies With ‘Tiny Hugs’

Credit: Shutterstock

At eighteen years old, Bryn Hammock has made an incredible impact on her community in pursuit of her Girl Scout Gold Award. According to People, learning that babies in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) were only able to have two hour visits each day with their parents due to COVID, Hammock wished to bring more comfort to the babies, and turned her aspiration into her project. When Hammock was told by her grandmother that nurses often place bead-filled, hand-shaped gloves in with NICU babies so that they feel as though their mothers are holding them, Hammock got to work to create that experience for more infants. 

Not knowing how to sew, Hammock turned to her grandmother and troop leader, Deanna Simmons, who taught her how to use a sewing machine over FaceTime. Simmons shared that she was impressed with her granddaughter’s work learning through virtual lessons. Hammock raised money to get all of the sewing supplies she needed and created her design for gloves which she calls ‘Tiny Hugs.’ Aspiring to be able to give more ‘Tiny Hugs,’ Hammock made a how-to video so that volunteers could also make them on their own. The volunteer team of 18 people set a goal to make 30 ‘Tiny Hugs’ gloves, but surpassed that goal by making 140 gloves which were distributed to several Georgia hospitals. 


All her hard work, dedication, and compassion earned Hammock her Gold Award, the Girl Scouts of America’s highest honor. Hammock shared that this was the perfect project for her since she was able to channel her love for babies into a project that made a difference. 

A baby in the NICU herself with a slow heartbeat, Hammock is now helping babies who are having a similar experience of being away from their parents shortly after being born. With ‘Tiny Hugs,’ parents need not worry that their infants are upset, but can rest easier knowing that their precious newborns are being comforted because of the kindness and thoughtfulness of Bryn Hammock.


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