Texas Pregnancy, Family Resource Ministry Helps Expectant Mothers Choose Life

Credit: Shutterstock

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, a ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas, is opening a Family Resource Center to help new mothers during and after pregnancy. According to CBN News, the resource center will provide mothers with the necessities they need to care for their newborns. Committed to helping new parents, the pregnancy center has saved over 1,000 babies from abortion this year alone and helped families find Christ. 

The pastor of Prestonwood, Jack Graham, shared that it is important for people to know that their ministry is there for mothers during and after pregnancy, debunking the claim by some that Christian centers do not care for babies once they are born. Graham stated that they want to “give people hope” and that “as Christians, we have a responsibility to care for people in every life stage.” 


At the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, expectant mothers receive support throughout their pregnancy and after. In addition, the center offers services to fathers who can meet with male coaches to talk through issues surrounding the pregnancy and receive advice. Once the baby is born, the Family Resource Center provides essentials such as cribs, diapers, wipes, bath products, food, care and safety items, and toys. 

Making a powerful impact on expectant mothers and fathers, the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center and their Family Resource Center is turning more people to God. For more than three decades, 97,000 women have chosen to receive the help and services from the pregnancy center and chose life for their babies. The families who seek the support of the ministry are finding their faith that though unexpected circumstances may arise, they do not need to go through it alone and will have the resources they need to thrive during and after pregnancy. 


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