Texas Restaurant Owner Secures Baby Formula Supply, Distributes to Parents at No Cost

Credit: Shutterstock

Stepping up to help worried parents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, restaurant owner Benji Arslanovski has been supplying baby formula amid the nationwide shortage to families desperate to have a food source for their babies. According to The Washington Post, Arslanovski has bought over 56 cases of baby formula and is distributing it to parents at no cost. In an interview with The Washington Post, Arslanovski shared that the struggle parents are having trying to feed their babies is sad and scary. Fortunately, Arslanovski thought of the resources at his disposal to be able to help them, and his success has brought much needed relief to parents. 

After learning about the formula shortage crisis, Arslanovski got the idea that he could help these families upon realizing that he had access to a special stash of baby formula. Through the distributor that normally provides his business, Our Place Restaurant, with toiletries and food products, Arslanovski was able to purchase a few cases of baby formula from the supplier. Initially intending to resell the formula, Arslanovski ended up giving it all away for free when his first recipient cried out of relief that she could feed her baby upon finding his offer.  


Since then, Arslanovski has been buying more formula and giving it away to more families. He has checked with US Foods to ensure that he is not negatively impacting anyone else by purchasing additional cases to give away. He hopes that his idea will spread to other restaurant owners around the country who may be able to help their communities in the same way. 

Giving back to his community is important to Arslanovski who shared that his community was there for him throughout the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and kept his restaurant in business. Arslanovski plans to continue ordering the baby formula by the case until the shortage is resolved. Not only has Arslanovski used his resources to help his community, he has also shown the impact that generosity and compassion can have on families in need. 


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