The Freedom Tour Brings Pandemic Relief Supplies to Those in Need

Credit: The Freedom Tour

The Freedom Tour, sponsored by the Freedom Church in Lake Wales, Florida has been helping the community stay safe and clean during the COVID-19 pandemic. Handing out free cleaning supplies, the group has brought relief to those in need who can now be assured that they will be able to maintain sanitary conditions where needed. Assistance from the Freedom Tour is not just limited to sanitation items, but includes food supplies as well, and they even travel to locations that have been impacted by a disaster. 

Founded by Bobby Williams, The Freedom Tour brings “food and disaster relief” to the people who need it most. According to Fox 13 News, the organization began operating in 2015 when Williams supplied food to about a dozen homeless people under a carport. Their mission has grown significantly since the pandemic, with $40 million in food being distributed to people in need in 2021. The Freedom Tour has expanded so much that they now are using a former Sears at Eagle Ridge Mall as a warehouse to hold their incredible amount of supplies. 


The products that were distributed this week at their West Orange Avenue location included hand sanitizer, wipes, and Clorox products. One recipient shared that receiving these supplies has been a blessing as it is so important for him to maintain cleaning as much as possible. Fox 13 News reports the Freedom Tour sponsors ten events a week in Polk County giving out supplies. They also feed people at their church and give food to the Polk County School District to distribute to those in need as well. 

Through their blessings, the Freedom Tour hopes to reach even more people. With a 115,000 square foot building that holds over 4,000 pallets of food and supplies, the Freedom Tour is prepared to aid disaster relief efforts in local and surrounding areas. Williams shares that his mission is to spread God’s love to those who may have never experienced it stating, “my goal was and still is to bless people, even the ones that think they don’t deserve it.” Thanking all those who volunteer and have partnered with the Freedom Tour, Williams sincerely expresses his gratitude for their continued support that makes it all possible. 


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