‘The Home Depot Foundation’ Partners With Several Nonprofits to Provide Relief in Wake of Severe Tornadoes

Credit: Team Rubicon

In response to last week’s tornadoes that ripped through communities in the southeast, The Home Depot Foundation is partnering with several nonprofit organizations to provide relief and recovery assistance. According to The Home Depot’s Built From Scratch, the organizations joining The Home Depot Foundation include Team Rubicon, Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross, and World Central Kitchen among others. From removing trees to providing hot meals and water, this enormous team effort is giving residents impacted by the storm much needed aid to help them on a path to recovery. 

Team Depot volunteers helped deliver  nearly 1,000 disaster relief kits, water, and other supplies in Georgia before cleaning up downed trees and disposing of debris. Team Rubicon, an organization made up of military veterans and first responders who provide emergency disaster relief, also helped clean up trees and debris, and will work on home repairs as they identify those in need. World Central Kitchen, a humanitarian aid organization founded by chef José Andrés, has been busy feeding emergency workers, clean up crews, and community members hot meals as they all work together to clean up the damage. 


According to CoreLogic, a tornado outbreak that raged through Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia left a path of destruction affecting more than 16,000 homes with an estimated $4.5 billion in damages. The severe weather brought widespread power outages and damages to property including homes, businesses, automobiles, and agriculture.  

According to Built From Scratch, “the Home Depot Foundation is committed to supporting communities with natural disaster preparedness, short-term response and long-term recovery. With the help of several nonprofit partners, The Foundation is able to provide immediate support, resources and relief supplies to communities in need. In 2022, The Home Depot Foundation committed more than $5.5 million to support disaster response efforts.”


As these teams unite to help communities recover from the devastation left in the path of the severe storms, residents are likely feeling hopeful as they put their faith in those who, with compassionate hearts and courage, are helping them repair and rebuild their homes. 

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