Thousands Rush to Southern California For the ‘Biggest Water Baptism in History’

Credit: shutterstock

More than 4,000 people rushed to the shores of Southern California to get baptized and proclaim their devotion to Jesus in what is being called the “the biggest water baptism in history.” Organized by Oceans Church, the event called ‘Baptize SoCal’ drew many worshippers to begin their new life in Christ. According to CBN News, the event took place on the anniversary of the Christian awakening from the 60s and 70s which saw thousands of people turn to Christ. 

The event celebrating eternal life took place on Pentecost Sunday at Pirate’s Cove. More than 280 churches and 8,000 attendees watched the 4,166 people get baptized in the water. Many praised the event for shining God’s light in Southern California and for bringing more people to Christ. Musician and pastor at West Coast Life Church, Ray Gene Wilson, called it “an amazing and historic day.”  


Videographer Eddie Ferguson referenced The Jesus People Movement that happened 50 years ago, noting that it was a “blessing to witness so many people getting baptized” in the same location that people did all those years ago. The baptisms at Pirates Cove have been commemorated in the film ‘Jesus Revolution’ which became a “box office hit” when it was released in February. 

Southern California Pastor Greg Laurie shared his praise for the hit film commemorating the movement of bringing followers to Christ. Speaking to CBN News, Laurie said “people are hungry for this.” Noting the effect the motion picture had on audiences, Laurie said he had never seen such enthusiasm to get baptized with some seeking baptism immediately after watching the film. 


Optimistic about the future and hopeful that God’s light will reach more people, Laurie suggested that all of these large events and small actions are indicators that “God is at work.”

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