Tim Allen Puts Christ Back in Christmas in New Santa Claus Series

Credit: Shutterstock

Comedian and actor Tim Allen is defending the real meaning of Christmas as his new series “The Santa Clauses” streams on Disney+. According to Faithwire, Allen wanted to bring a focus of faith into the series which was not the case in his original “The Santa Clause” films. Allen is saving the message and meaning of Christmas by ensuring that the entertainment is true to the holiday which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. 

According to Faithwire, in response to the original plot for the new series containing “otherworldly characters, and ghosts, and goblins,” Allen responded saying, “no, this is Christ-mas. It’s Christ-mas. It literally is a religious holiday.” He added, “we don’t have to blow trumpets, but I do want you to acknowledge it; that’s what this is about. If you want to get into Santa Claus, you’re gonna have to go back to history, and it’s all about religion.”


Allen has also been at the center of controversy over his Santa Claus character who says, “saying Merry Christmas to all has suddenly become problematic!” Though some have responded with outrage, Allen is proud of bringing Christmas into his production as it should be, honoring the story of Jesus’ birthday and the reason it is celebrated. Allen shared that the real story of Christmas emerges later in the series with “St. Nicholas and the Turkish priest that started this.” 

Allen explained that at the heart of Christmas is giving to others, and he suggests that’s something we need to get back to during the holiday season. Calling it “magical,” Allen highlights the meaning of giving gifts to others and ties it back to the origins of the Christmas story. Bringing Christ back into Christmas through his series, Allen is reminding all of the wonders of God’s love and what it means to have joy.


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