Tim Tebow Inspires People to Find Their God-Given Purpose in New Book

Credit: Tim Tebow Foundation

Tim Tebow, former NFL and minor league baseball player, shared the meaning of his new inspirational book Mission Possible: Go Create a Life That Counts. Tebow, who also runs the Tim Tebow Foundation, has made a commitment to helping those in need find faith, purpose, and hope. Through his book, Tebow encourages readers to identify their talents and the unique plan that God has for them to serve others.

According to CBN News, Tebow’s book guides readers through the process of finding their purpose by connecting with God. He suggests that God guides us towards a unique mission and begins with the question, “has God ever opened your eyes to a person, to a need, to an injustice, to a non-profit, to an organization, to a church?” Tebow shared the moment that he realized his purpose when he met a young boy in the Philippines who was born with his feet backwards. Tebow explained that the boy was seen as “cursed” and “insignificant” by his community, and it was that experience that led Tebow to dedicate his life to fighting for people like this young boy around the world. 


Tebow founded the Tim Tebow Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.” With the belief that “faith, hope, and love changes lives,” the Tim Tebow Foundation has been making a remarkable difference in the lives of so many people around the world who have found the encouragement and motivation to live their best lives with the help of his organization. 

Trusting God is a significant part of Tebow’s philosophy for finding one’s purpose in life. He encourages readers to continuously learn about their talents and their mission as they grow into the role that they have found through faith. With a big heart and a great commitment, Tebow’s passion for helping others is a message that resonates with a lot of people who may be trying to find their purpose in life and are now motivated to follow their passion thanks to his encouragement and his story. 


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