Tom Hanks Launches Coffee Company to Support Veterans

Credit: Shutterstock

World renowned actor Tom Hanks has announced the launch of his coffee company, Hanx For Our Troops, which will give 100% of all profits to foundations that support veterans and their families. According to People, Hanks, who has portrayed an armed service member many times in his forty-year career, is helping to grow support for our troops and veterans with his commitment to giving back. Some organizations that will be the first to benefit from sales include Headstrong, Hire Heroes USA, the Bob Woodruff Foundation, and Student Veterans of America 

A statement on Hanks’ website reads, “our products support all those who have served America—past, and present—on active duty, as Veterans, and their families. By choosing our coffee, you help support those who chose to commit their time and efforts in defense of our liberties for the good cause that is the American Way. Every penny of profit says ‘thank you’ to them. We owe them our gratitude, eh?”


Hanx For Our Troops currently offers three blends of coffee: First Class Joe, SGT. Peppermint and Tom’s Morning Magic Blend, which Hanks described as a “mystical elixir” complete with a “little milk and a dash of chocolate malt.” 

A unique feature of Hanks’ company is the personal stories he shares “from the field” of veterans who shared their experiences and stories. For each profile, veterans answer questions about why they chose to enter the armed forces, a happy memory, how being in the military may have changed their view of war or the military in general, who their best friend was during service, advice for future recruits, and much more. 


Through his coffee company, Hanks is giving back to our troops who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe. Grateful for their service and grateful for our freedom, Hanks is setting an example of what it means to say thank you and how important it is to remember our troops and veterans. With pride, Hanx For Our Troops is not only serving coffee, but sending love and hope to our country’s bravest men and women who have given up so much of their lives so that we could live ours free. 

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