Trail Life USA Grows to 40,000 Members in Less Than Ten Years

Credit: Trail Life USA

The Christ-centered scouting organization, Trail Life USA, has grown to include 40,000 members in less than ten years with over 6,300 members joining this year alone, according to CBN News. Trail Life USA has grown in popularity as boys from kindergarten through twelfth grade are becoming members to seek adventure, grow their faith, and learn how to be leaders. Trail Life CEO Mark Hancock shared that parents are realizing the potential for their boys to become godly men while engaging in thrilling outdoor activities among peers and role models by being a part of Trail Life USA.

Hancock explained, “the reality is that boys need the examples and leadership of heroic men,” adding that “Scripture, history, and personal experiences defy the untethered aims of culture and make clear the significant benefits of godly men who act as traditional masculine role models for boys. Boys need a place where freshly caught fish sizzle on crackling fires they build, stars light the night sky they sleep under, and pocket knives whittle the sticks boys collect up during a day of adventure. Character is built through adventure. Manhood develops best outdoors where God intended.” 


Trail Life USA is present in all fifty states with over 900 total troops and 40,000 members. According to CBN News, in just the last month alone, over 350 people have inquired about starting a new troop and nearly 20 new troops have formed. Focusing on mentoring boys, the masculinity and faithfulness that makes up Trail Life USA’s mission is appealing to those who want their boys to learn outdoor skills, learn about their faith, and grow their character. With weekly meetings and frequent adventures, Trail Life USA offers boys the opportunity to continuously build their strength, skills, relationships, and leadership qualities among others who are doing the same. 

In a world where cultural norms may stifle faith, masculinity and character-building, Trail Life USA is filling in the gap so that boys of all ages have a chance to become godly and masculine men. In just ten years, growing to a membership of 40,000 is an encouraging milestone for Americans who pray for the protection and guidance of our youth. As Hancock pointed out, “God made boys to be outside. [It’s] in their nature to embrace challenge, to rise to the occasion and to overcome. Their God-given drive is to get wet, to get their hands dirty, to climb the tallest tree, and take the next hill…The outdoors — with its wide-open spaces and fresh air — is almost certainly the best place for kids to be.”


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