Trail Life USA Honors Veterans on Independence Day

Credit: Shutterstock

To celebrate Independence Day, boy scouts from Trail Life USA, honored veterans for their commitment to defending the ideals America was founded on. According to CBN News, the boy scouts from chapters across the country spent time volunteering with veterans, participating in local parades, and taking time to properly salute veterans. The CEO of Trail Life USA, Mark Hancock, shared that they want the boys to “understand these veterans are living examples of courage, determination, and sacrifice.” 

Calling it a “practical lesson,” Hancock explained that Trail Life reinforces the pride and respect the boys have for their nation and those who have defended it for over 240 years. Hancock added that in Trail Life, they are always discussing “adventure, character, and leadership,” and veterans embody all of those traits with the life they have lived. 


Richard Haritan, chaplain for Trail Life Troop IL-0412, shared how he planned to have his troops show their respect to veterans they met. During a local parade, Haritan explained how he had each one of his boys find a veteran, introduce themselves, give the veteran a flag, and end their meeting with a proper salute. Haritan described the meeting as emotional with surprised veterans nearly holding back tears as the younger generations showed them respect. 

Trail Life USA is a Christ-centered organization for boys that teaches them to “honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.” With Independence Day comes the opportunity to honor the brave men and women who have sacrificed for our country to protect the people and defend freedom, following Trail Life’s guidelines to live a life of integrity. The experience the boy scouts had with veterans was special for both as veterans appreciated the show of respect from the younger generations they fought for, and the boy scouts built unique memories meeting and honoring our national heroes. 


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