Trail Life USA to Host 3rd Annual “Nationwide Campout”

Credit: Trail Life USA

Trail Life USA, a Christian scouting organization, is holding its 3rd annual “Nationwide Campout” inviting families and troops to experience the outdoors, according to CBN News. The event will be held from April 29 through May 1, and includes all the fun of pitching tents, lighting campfires, roasting marshmallows, and having the chance to win prizes. Encouraging families to go “Beyond the Backyard,” Trail Life USA’s campout is offering a unique opportunity for families and children to come together and enjoy the adventures of the outdoors. 

The campout offers a special opportunity for families and troops to share their stories and learn from the Bible while sitting around a campfire. Hancock shared that Trail Life USA emphasizes the Bible and they frequently reference the “Six Essential Concepts of a Christian Worldview” which young boys can understand. From respected mentors, boys not only learn how to be men, but how to lead and where the truth can be found.


Emphasizing faith, Trail Life USA teaches young boys from kindergarten through twelfth grade about responsibility, leadership, courage, and character. According to Mark Hancock, the CEO of Trail Life USA, “in Trail Life USA, boys are mentored by caring adults who intentionally equip them to rise to the occasion and lead in moments where preparation meets opportunity,” adding that “as boys plan and lead in serving their community, solving problems, and experiencing adventure, they have the opportunity to learn from both their successes and mistakes. Boys come to realize that actions have consequences, that boundaries are put in place for a reason, and that absolute truths exist. As boys and men experience life together, life lessons are learned.”

At the nationwide campout, families and troops will have an experience full of adventure, bonding, and life lessons. The importance of teaching faithful values is only growing stronger, and the troops of Trail Life USA are becoming equipped to face not just the outdoors, but the whole world with a strong set of Christ-centered principles they learn from their mentors. 


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