Traveling Artist Reveals ‘Symbols of Freedom’ of America’s Major Cities

Credit: Shutterstock

International best-selling author and public speaker Daniel Seddiqui has made it his mission to showcase the beauty of America’s major cities by creating artwork to reflect America’s “symbols of freedom.” According to an interview with CBN News, Seddiqui traveled through 70 major cities for one year while handcrafting unique artwork that represents each one. From decorating surfboards in California to glassblowing in Rhode Island, Seddiqui is capturing the essence of each city by highlighting what makes each one unique and beautiful.  

Calling it “the art that is America,” Seddiqui wanted to showcase what each city is known for by creating artwork to reflect it. Seddiqui shared, “I just can’t get enough of the country and exploring and wanting to connect with people and really explore their prize and passions and just kind of see their eyes light up when they’re talking about their creation.” Drawing on his own authentic experiences, Seddiqui’s love for America shines through his art, and reminds all of America’s incredibly diverse landscapes and cultures that open a world of experiences within our nation. 


With his “America in Art” masterpiece, Seddiqui has captured the interest of audiences across America. However, his career outlook was not always exceptionally good, having struggled to get a job after college. Still, Seddiqui found his journey as a world traveler and turned his passion into his now highly successful career. According to CBN News, Seddiqui is the author of several books including Piecing Together America, Going the Extra Mile, and 50 Jobs in 50 States

Seddiqui’s popularity has grown with his inspiring artwork and encouraging perspective. He shared that no matter what happens, people should never lose their sense of creativity, saying that “even in the toughest times, people figure out how to survive.” For Seddiqui, his passion for America became his life and his career, and though his path was not always clear, he soon found it and will continue exploring his dreams. 


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