Twitter Threatens Legal Action After ‘Threads’ Release

Credit: shutterstock

Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Meta, is currently celebrating millions of downloads of his new app ‘Threads,’ which is intended to be a competitor to Twitter. Zuckerberg’s initial success is not necessarily an indication that his app will maintain the same amount of engagement over time, but the app may have brought him back to relevance after his social network has faced scrutiny by users over the last few years. 

Elon Musk, who recently bought Twitter for $44 billion, is not letting Zuckerberg get away with taking the secrets of what he did to improve the social media platform. World News Era reports, on Thursday, within hours of Thread’s public grand entrance, lawyers for Twitter notified Meta threatening legal action against the company while “accusing it of using trade secrets to build Threads, and asked the social network to preserve internal documents relevant to a dispute between the two companies.”


Meta was reportedly struggling prior to the release of Threads as the social media network was criticized by “regulators, activists, and users upset with how the company handles data and its products.” Meta has also been scrutinized for “spreading misinformation and other toxic content across the internet.” 

Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Lopez erupted in cheer as they joined Threads, rallying behind their like-minded social media mogul. Celebrities who hated that Musk opened Twitter for all speech across the political spectrum, couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to join a social network that has a history of censoring those they don’t want to hear from. 


Still, the early supporters of Threads will need to be maintained as Meta works out some issues that have already been noticed. Tied to Instagram, Threads may require users to take dual action regarding their accounts, which may not intrigue some users. 

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