TX Congresswoman Implements Plan to Help Parents Get Baby Formula Amid Shortage

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Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, R-Texas, is responding to the baby formula shortage with a plan she has already implemented to help mothers in the Dallas-area of Texas. According to The Christian Post, Van Duyne launched the website, DFW Baby Formula, last week which displays a map showing which stores have formula and the brands that are in stock. Despite the Biden administration’s ignorance and failure to respond to the baby formula shortage crisis, Van Duyne has quickly stepped up to ensure babies will not go hungry. 

Through the website, parents can locate the stores that have specific formulas in stock as Dallas-area residents post the addresses of ones they find with a supply. Residents can also update the map by posting which stores no longer have formula in stock. 


Van Duyne is among many Republican politicians who are calling the Biden administration out on their total failure to handle the formula shortage with leadership, direction, and action. The Christian Post reports that in the announcement introducing her website Van Duyne said, “I am committed to doing the work he continually fails to accomplish. Infants across North Texas are hungry today, and I am focused on using all the available resources to ensure their bottles are full.” 

Since a formula shortage was first seen to be a threat, the Biden administration only allowed it to escalate to the crisis level America is seeing today. “According to Datasembly, out-of-stock (OOS) fluctuation for baby formula in 2021 was between 2% to 8% before hitting 30% in April 2022 and jumping to 40% by the month’s end. The nationwide OOS percentage reached 43% for the week ending May 8.”


Responding to the baby formula shortage by quickly implementing a useful plan of action is what worried parents across the country need right now. With many people only able or willing to place blame or make excuses, Van Duyne has gone beyond complaining to doing something about it. Thanks to the creation of her website, Dallas-area parents have a solution that will help them relieve their struggles and concerns, allowing them to take actual steps towards getting formula to feed and nourish their babies. 

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