U.S. Army Green Beret Spreads Faithful Message, Trains Ukrainians to Survive

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Sergeant First Class Christian Hickey, a former Marine who went on to join the Army as an elite Special Forces Green Beret, has been in Ukraine helping to heal soldiers and teach them how to keep themselves and each other alive as Russia continues its war. According to CBN News, with no intention of engaging in combat, Hickey initially went to Ukraine on a mission to tell people about Jesus. After discovering the troops’ desperate need for medical care, Hickey began using his training to train others and save lives.

In an interview with CBN News, Hickey said, “I am not here representing the United States Military. I’m not here representing my command, I’m not here representing the National Guard. I’m here as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, and that’s exactly what I’m doing here.” Still, after stepping into a training facility, Hickey said that the people there knew he was different and asked him for help. With many of the soldiers being lawyers, bakers, and bus drivers several months ago, they needed to learn the skills necessary for survival. 


Hickey shared that he has a great appreciation for the heroes who have stepped up for their country. Hickey said, “they are absolute heroes,” adding that, “I don’t think people really understand what these Ukrainian soldiers are actually going through.” Hickey pointed out that these soldiers are courageously fighting for their country while Russian drones fly overhead. 

With a rough winter ahead of them and running low on supplies, Hickey says he wants to “be the hands and feet of Jesus.” He and his team are making sure that people are getting the provisions they need and rescuing people trapped behind areas filled with Russian landmines. 


As the war in Ukraine rages on, the soldiers and people have not been forgotten. Although Hickey went to Ukraine to spread hope, faith, and strength through Jesus, he ended up being a hero to the soldiers who are fighting for their country, training them to save lives. With the harsh challenges of winter coming, those who act as “the hands and feet of Jesus” are bringing much needed relief to Ukrainians as they get what they need to survive. 

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