U.S. Green Beret Disarms Dozens to Hundreds of Landmines a Day in Ukraine

Credit: shutterstock

U.S. Green Beret Ryan Hendrickson is helping to save lives by risking his own while neutralizing landmines in Ukraine that were left behind by Russian troops. Having suffered from stepping on a landmine himself in Afghanistan and nearly losing his life because of it, Hendrickson knows the danger facing Ukrainians and wants to help eliminate the risk to their lives. 

According to CBN News, after Hendrickson retired from the military, he sought what God’s plan was in the next chapter of his life. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Hendrickson made his way to Ukraine not knowing what it was that he would do exactly, but knowing very well that the country needed as much help as they could get.


Now, Hendrickson has been doing the severely dangerous work of disarming landmines from dozens to hundreds a day. 

“These are things that will kill children, down the road. Some of these mines you are seeing in Ukraine will kill children that they won’t be found. They have for decades all around the world,” he said.


Ukrainians including President Zelenskyy expressed their endless gratitude for Hendrickson and others who are risking their lives to help Ukrainians live theirs. Zelenskyy called landmines “another kind of Russian terror” that Ukrainians will have to face as Russians covered almost 2 million acres of land with “death traps” that can detonate in just one footstep. 

One Ukrainian firefighter said of Hendrickson, “I feel first of all, is respect. It’s a very difficult job, going to another country in war. He can’t be with his wife, his family. It’s very important and I appreciate it.”

For Hendrickson, however, his work is not for recognition, but for the simple act of kindness in helping others. He explained “life is extremely short,” adding that it is important to help people during our time here. As a committed soldier with outstanding courage and faith, Hendrickson has been helping others in more ways than he can probably imagine.

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