U.S. Soldiers Face Food Insecurity at Large Army Base

Credit: shutterstock

U.S. soldiers stationed at one of the country’s largest Army bases in Texas are facing food insecurity. As kitchens are severely understaffed, many are left wandering far from the base for food or not eating at all. According to CBN News, only two of the ten dining facilities at Fort Cavazos were open for service early in the summer, and many of the junior soldiers were left with little option, and food still remains limited. With all of the soldiers going to the few select open facilities, the service has been hard to manage, especially when time is restricted during the workday. 

A new report from the Rand Corporation reveals that these junior soldiers at Fort Cavazos are among the 25% of Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard members who are “food insecure.” 


CBN News reports that it is not clear whether the cook shortage is related to the record low recruitment numbers for the military. Last year, the Army missed their recruitment goal by 15,000. Aware of the low recruitment problem, Army leaders are reportedly trying to make joining their ranks more appealing. Their effort includes improving dining facilities to “raise the quality of life for troops.” Some officials are trying a pilot program that allows soldiers to use their meal cards at non-military affiliated restaurants such as Panera or Qdoba. 

A spokesperson for the Army told Fox News that the branch takes the “health and welfare” of soldiers “seriously,” adding that it is their top priority to ensure every soldier has the sustenance to keep them strong. The spokesperson explained that  “the Commanding General established an Installation-level food service board to ensure the best use of food service resources in support of our Soldiers,” adding that the operational demands of dining facilities will be adjusted to meet the needs of soldiers. 


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