Ukrainian Artist Creates Patriotic Artwork, Refuses to Call Ukrainians Victims

Credit: Shutterstock

Ukrainian-born artist Svitlana Prouty is donating earnings from her artwork to Ukraine and is urging people not to see Ukrainians as victims, but as people who are strong and brave. Fearful is not a word Prouty uses to describe the Ukrainian people, rather she feels the words pride and resilience better represent them. Prouty shared that her faith has grown after seeing Ukrainians come together to support one another along with witnessing the humanitarian assistance coming from other countries. 

According to Independent Record, Prouty has already raised $4,000 which she has sent to her hometown, Poltava, located in central Ukraine. Eighty percent of the donations are distributed to fund what is needed the most for people defending the city such as medical supplies, food, clothing, and protective gear. The remaining twenty percent of funds are distributed to “regular people who need money for food and medication,” which includes many of Prouty’s friends and colleagues. 


Prouty shared that she sees strength in Ukrainians in so many ways by witnessing them triumph over obstacles. She noted that people wait in line to give blood and stay in Ukraine to fight. Noting the community of support for Ukrainians fighting, Prouty recognized some of the work being done by local craftsmen including designers making camouflage clothing, and potters making Molotov cocktails. 

Prouty’s artwork contains patriotic themes including sunflowers (Ukraine’s National flower) along with colors of yellow and blue highlighting the flag of Ukraine. Prouty shared that orders for her artwork have come from all over, including places as far as Texas. Grateful for the support, Prouty is continuing her work with pride and remains determined to play a part in helping Ukraine. 


With the perspective that Ukrainians are not victims, but strong and resilient people defending their country, Prouty has built a feeling of pride and dignity. Using her passion and talent for art, Prouty has been making a difference in the lives of Ukrainians in her hometown of Poltava. Prouty’s efforts and support for the Ukrainian people along with her faith in their ability to defend their nation is not only motivating, but inspirational.  

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