Ukrainian Prayer Song Goes Viral, Encourages Believers

Credit: Wim Hoddenbagh - Presence

A moving song for Ukraine from an Amsterdam church has gone viral because of its message of hope and strength to Ukrainians whose nation has become a war zone since Russia’s invasion, according to CBN News. Singers both young and old joined together, united by the passion and meaning of the song, to spread the hopeful message. Referred to as the Ukrainian ‘Subway’ song, it began in a subway station in Kyiv, and is now being heard all over Ukraine and beyond. The song is a powerful prayer for Ukraine, and Presence Church, whose rendition has gone viral, shared that through this song they want to “encourage believers in Ukraine,” and remind them to pray in this difficult time. 

The lyrics read, “May my prayer arise to you like incense sweet and may our hearts be poured out unceasingly into your glorious heavenly dwelling. Lord I pray for Ukraine, Lord I pray for the people. May you forgive and save us and show us your mercy and grace.” The viral video focuses much on the children who sing full of love and pride. Truly believing in the words they are saying, the singers have created an emotional experience for all who are listening and all who join in the prayer. 


According to CBN News, Presence Church sang their moving version of the song during a Sunday service that was held on the streets of Amsterdam in March. Senior Pastor Wim Hoddenbagh shared that what they do “is not orchestrated,” noting that they do not even practice, they just “embrace the glory of God and the belief that when God appears, anything is possible.” Presence Church personally invited Ukrainains to watch their streaming service in the beginning of March stating that they want to “encourage believers in Ukraine” and “call on the Name of Jesus with [them] in this difficult time.” 

Reminding all of the power of prayer, Presence Church and the Ukrainian ‘Subway’ song is spreading an inspirational message of hope and faith around the world to those who need it most. As Ukrainians continue to face danger and hardship, hearing this song will strengthen the fight to defend their country and encourage them to persist in prayer. 


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