Ukrainian Youth Choir Spreads Message of Hope on International Tour

Credit: Ukraine House in Denmark

A Ukrainian youth choir is spreading a message of hope to people around the world as they perform heartfelt and inspirational songs. According to CBN News, the Shchedryk Ensemble, which is described as Kyiv’s oldest professional youth choir, has braved the ravages of war to produce their music and share it worldwide. After Russia’s invasion last February, the choir has been gathering to practice their songs in dark bomb shelters when necessary. Though the dark days of war have made a sad impact on their lives, the members of the choir have not extinguished their own light, and continue to give a sense of hope and love to one another. 

The choir recently performed at the Danish capital as part of an international tour that also took them to New York’s famous Carnegie Hall. At Copenhagen’s Church of The Holy Ghost, the choir inspired audiences with their strong resilience, faith, and beautiful music. According to CBN News, Nataliya Popovych, co-founder of Copenhagen’s Ukraine House, a civil society organization which brought the group to Denmark, shared “I sincerely hope that the concert here will send a message of love and hope and also sympathy and support to all Ukrainian families,” adding that she hopes next Christmas will be better for them. 


Choir members shared their experiences with reporters and explained why traveling around the world together is so meaningful and important. Choir member, Polina Holtseva, who is fifteen years old, said that they want to share how important their culture is to others around the world. Polina’s family has stayed in Kyiv throughout the conflict. Two other members, Rusina and Holtseva, shared that the choir is their “safe place” and, though they know not what they may be doing tomorrow or whether or not they will need to practice in a dark bomb shelter using flashlights, they are happy being surrounded by their friends and family while still being able to sing. 

Music is a remedy that breaks through all barriers. Blessed with beautiful voices and the ability to perform, the youth choir’s commitment to each other and to their goal is encouraging to anyone who may be dealing with the horrors of war and conflict. As the youth choir travels around the world, they are not only spreading the messages of hope, love, and resilience, but inspiring others to have faith in the good that exists in this world. 


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