Unabridged Bible Films Now Available in 1,000 Languages

Credit: Shutterstock

The four Bible films titled The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John will now be available in 1,000 languages to be viewed around the world, according to Christian Headlines. As part of the LUMO Project, which was “created to transform the way in which people engage, discover, and study the life of Jesus through the Gospels,” the films are part of an effort to increase “global biblical literacy.” The one thousandth film was translated into the language of Senga, which is spoken in Zambia and other areas. 

The films are unique, according to Christian Headlines, because “unlike most other Bible movies that use only selected text from Scripture, the four films use the unabridged, word-for-word text of Scripture for the dialogue and scripts.” The creator and producer of the films, Hannah Leader, explained that she had always dreamed of creating a motion picture version of the Gospels that could be “accessible and transformative for people throughout the world.”


The films, which are available for free on Prime Video’s IMDb TV channel, have been created through a partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing and the distributor Bible Media Group. The president of Bible Media Group, Tessie DeVore shared that they knew “to accomplish [their] mission and vision, [they needed] to walk side by side with like-minded ministries,” adding that they would not have been able to accomplish this project and fulfill Hannah’s dream without the partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing. 

Making Scripture accessible through motion pictures is a phenomenal way to spread the Gospel to numerous people who may find it easier to comprehend and make connections using visual representations. With the films available in 1,000 languages, the project has reached a groundbreaking milestone. Hannah shared that with faith and the help of incredible partners, her dream to help everyone “see and hear the Gospels in their mother tongue,” became a reality that has overwhelmed her with happiness and gratitude. 


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