Viral Video ‘Jesus Was Not Crucified on a Gucci Cross’ Sends Clear Message to Christians

Credit: Shutterstock

The video of a young African girl telling church members, “Jesus was not crucified on a Gucci cross,” is sending an important message to people around the world. According to Christian Headlines, with Candace Cameron Bure sharing the video, it has gone viral and the little girl has helped bring perspective to many who may find themselves consumed by a materialistic lifestyle. 

Speaking to the church audience, the young girl said, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Jesus was not crucified on a Gucci cross…He didn’t have on a crown of Versace thorns or Nike shoes on his feet when the nails pierced through. There was nothing bougie about Calvary. That old raggedy wooden cross wasn’t even befitting to hold the carpenter’s son, but there our God hung, held on by His love for us, by His love for all.”


The little girl reminded everyone of the real meaning of life and what it means to be Christian. In a world where those who are selfish often find ways to justify it to others, the fact that we are all God’s children is important to remember. While it may be easy to get swept up in a gilded city surrounded by gilded materials, what matters more is what lay beneath the gold, especially those who may feel forgotten, ignored, or excused. 

Telling the audience to “live out the gospel in their daily lives,” the young girl called on everyone to be true to God and to themselves. Being kind and compassionate to others, and praying for them, is what helps spread and show God’s love for all.


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