‘Wonder Years’ Actress Describes Finding Faith With Help of Friend Candace Cameron Bure

Credit: Shutterstock

Actress Danica McKellar, who is known for her role on ‘The Wonder Years,’ recently shared her experience of finding God with the help of friend Candace Cameron Bure, according to CBN News. McKellar explained that her journey began with the idea of forgiveness, and Bure helped her embrace it by reminding her of the power of God’s love. McKellar described her faithful journey as one that reenergized her as she hopes to spread the joy she has found in her heart to others. 

McKellar described her faithful journey as one that began without much fondness of Christianity due to learning about “all the hypocrisy in the various religions of Christianity, it being used for evil, power, and control throughout history,” which she shares made her “biased.” However, after speaking with Bure, McKellar explained that she had a “change of heart” and continues to learn and grow in her Christian faith. 


After Bure had shared a passage from the Bible on her instastories, McKellar privately reached out to her for guidance. Bure responded by explaining that “God’s love is bigger than any human love and when He sweeps you up in understanding how powerful it is, because He is, it’s undeniable. Praying for you on your journey and relationship with Jesus my sweet friend.” Bure also sent McKellar a Bible of her own and invited her to church. Accepting the invitation, McKellar described her experience going to church as life-changing since she has found “a lot of amazing love and peace and purpose.” 

McKellar reminded her own followers of the powerful message that God’s “omnipresent love is there for you whenever you want it, whenever you’re ready.” Noting that she never quite understood what people meant when they discussed “Jesus and the Lord,” McKellar explained that after embracing her faith, she has found the “joy” in her heart and offered to help her followers find the same in theirs. 


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