World Central Kitchen Serves Comfort Meals to Uvalde Community

Credit: World Central Kitchen

Chef José Andrés has sent World Central Kitchen to bring comfort meals to the Uvalde, Texas community as they mourn the heartbreaking loss of their children and teachers in last week’s tragedy. Serving meals to bring comfort, World Central Kitchen has partnered with local restaurants around Uvalde to provide free meals to the community. 

According to Facebook posts from World Central Kitchen, the organization has been helping restaurants serve meals to the community including Mexican cuisine and refreshing treats like smoothies and watermelon. Restaurants that have partnered with World Central Kitchen are offering dine-in and take-out service. According to My San Antonio, chef Gabriel Ibarra and team members of the Cappy’s Restaurants group served 1,000 meals alongside World Central Kitchen between Friday and Saturday. 


World Central Kitchen has been hard at work across the globe, including in Ukraine, to help feed people going through severely challenging times. The organization has also most recently responded to the needs of the Buffalo community after tragedy struck, and the needs of those in Mexico and Bangladesh where natural disasters impacted communities. According to Andrés, the idea for starting World Central Kitchen as a humanitarian relief organization responding to crises was simple. He shares on the organization’s website that “food relief is not just a meal that keeps hunger away. It’s a plate of hope. It tells you in your darkest hour that someone, somewhere, cares about you.”

Always there to lend a helping hand, compassionate company, and heartwarming meals, World Central Kitchen continues to bring relief to those who need it most all around the globe. Showing up to communities where tragedy has left many feeling numb, the volunteers with World Central Kitchen and the restaurants that have partnered with them to provide free meals are showing compassion while bringing comfort and faith to families in need. 


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