World-Famous Chef Expands Meal Distribution Efforts at Ukrainian Borders

Credit: World Central Kitchen

World-famous chef José Andrés has been on the ground at the border of Ukraine and Poland delivering food and supplies to refugees with his nonprofit World Central Kitchen (WCK), according to The Washington Post. He and his team are committed to providing support to those in need just outside of Ukraine and even inside as well. Though travel to locations is hectic, Andrés is letting nothing get in the way of delivering the food and supplies needed by refugees and local restaurants who are trying to feed everyone the best they can with limited resources. 

Andrés’ dedication to his nonprofit’s humanitarian mission is revealed through his journey delivering the supplies to Ukraine and Poland. The Washington Post reports that he personally delivered flour, of which there is a shortage in Ukraine, to a bakery run by Caritas Internationalis, which is a Catholic charity that has partnered with World Central Kitchen. According to The Washington Post, “to get flour to the bakery, Andrés had to rent a car in Poland, where he is staying, drive it to the border, transfer the bags to another vehicle that he had rented inside Ukraine and then drive it to its destination.” Andrés explained that the car companies do not want clients to bring the rented cars into Ukraine due to the situation, so he needed to rent another car upon entering the country. 


The Washington Post reports that World Central Kitchen has established meal distribution stations at eight border crossings in Poland where they have served over 37,000 meals to Ukrainian refugees. They have even expanded their locations to include Hungary, Moldova, and Romania. Most of what they are serving is hot soups and stews. With temperatures dropping below zero, the hot broth is helping to provide warmth to refugees who left their homes with nothing.

With Ukrainian refugees uncertain about where they will go and how they will survive, World Central Kitchen is among the organizations providing compassionate assistance to help them find their way to safety while remaining fed and strong. Meeting the people they help where they are, World Central Kitchen has created a visible network bringing relief to those who need it. Andrés shared that being on the ground in Ukraine and Poland is breaking his heart as he witnesses families who left loved ones behind who are defending their country. Being there with them and feeding them meals from the heart is one way World Central Kitchen is helping families cope with the tragic situation and build their hope and faith through the kindness of compassionate people. 


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