World Help Sends Bibles to Nourish ‘Body and Soul’ of North Koreans

Credit: World Help/Facebook

World Help, a humanitarian aid organization supporting both “body and soul” is continuing to send Bibles in countries where Christians are heavily persecuted. According to The Christian Post, North Korea is high on the organization’s list of countries most in need of faith. Despite deadly repercussions for being Christians or obtaining any Christian items, such as a Bible, World Help discovered that North Korean Christians are desperate to build a relationship with God

Open Doors, a watchdog organization that tracks human rights violations, has noted that in North Korea, owning a Bible is considered a “serious crime.” Christians in North Korea are tortured and forced into labor camps if their faithful beliefs are discovered. 


Still, World Help believes strongly in their mission to transform the lives of those who are suffering. With the motto, “Help for today; Hope for tomorrow,” World Help believes that nourishing people’s faith is among the most important essential needs for life. The organization provides food supplies and Bibles knowing that both are necessary for survival.

The president of World Help, Noel Brewer Yeatts, said “we believe that without things like food and clean water and medicines that our body needs, well, then faith can mean very little…But without faith that feeds our souls, then everything else is a short-term fix. When you focus on both body and soul, we believe that’s when true transformation happens in people’s lives.” 


Partnering with organizations on the ground in the rogue nation, and others like China and Russia, World Help is able to reach those who have never heard the words “human rights” let alone God or the stories of the Bible. With hopes that the Bibles make it into the hands of those who need it most, World Help is doing what they can to try to break through the barriers of brutal nations and spread God’s Word to save those living there from a life of suffering.

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